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Palm Spring Damansara... Does this Developer care at all about their purchaser?

Kota Damansara, Selangor.... Petaling Jaya, this township will expand by another 2,180 units of condominium coming end of the year2004, with the "handing over ceremony" of the Palm Spring Damansara Condominium project.
Congestion problem! Pollution! Yes, but that is another story. The problem I am bringing up am about unscrupulous developer that delivers slip shoddy, underpar abode to the purchasers.
Palm Spring Damansara Condominium Project located in Sek 13, Kota Damansara, PJ is the epitome of how low a developer can reach in search of profit at the expense of the purchaser. The Developer, Muafakat Kekal Sdn Bhd and it parent Company.... which is the Main Contractor, Gallant Acres Sdn Bhd, does not listen to its customers. They also think that the customer are stupid people with deep pockets which they can dig.
Here are my observation of the Palm Spring so call resort homes :
  1. The units are leaking heavily due to poor waterproofing. Leaks spring from the ceiling from cracks that is simply due to poor workmanship and quality of material used. The Waterproofing material is supplied by the relatives of the developer?!!?
  2. Hairline cracks are everywhere!! The main door, windows and ceiling are ringed with cracks, which the Developer have claimed is safe. Safe?! But I will be staying in the unit not the Developer!!
  3. The tiles of that is supplied and laid is not as per the specification in their brochure. Further the slipshoddy workmanship is pathetic! You have different shade of tiles trailing along the common corridor and in my unit! I can only describe it as an irregular chessboard.
  4. Plumbing. I visaited my unit.... and guess what? The unit is flooded as the common bathroom's plumbing outlet is missing.
  5. To be continue......
My research into the developer shows that the Ready-Mixed Concrete Company that supply concrete to the project is 100% proxy owned by the Developer!!! And to increase the intermediary profit margin of the RMC, I believe quality of the concrete may be comprised.
I am so sad and upset at the developer. I hope that all buyers that the extra precaution to check out the background of the developer and their track record. I did not and am paying the price for it.
Palm Spring proclaimed that it is a resort home! Yeah indeed, a resort from hell!


Blogger Farah&Zul said...

Hi Scott,

I have a unit at Palm Spring too. So far I have submitted the complaint. Tried to call them to find out if they have started any remodification work but got busy tone. Contact me at Maybe we can build a community to put in a bigger complaints to the ministry or any. I'm a very young and inexperienced buyer.



December 26, 2004 at 11:22 PM  
Blogger Zil said...

I own a biggest unit there. I know all these shoddy workmanship typical for not only this developer but others also. I have experience in other two properties before.

Pls contact me to form a group.


January 7, 2005 at 4:32 PM  
Blogger alvingcs said...

hi all,

i also bought a unit there, i only can used the word"terrible and sad" to describe the work done by them, the defacts are every where, poor workmanship, and dumb down for water proof ceilling roof.

January 25, 2005 at 10:48 PM  
Blogger alvingcs said...

hi all this is palmspring damansara project manager contact number your can call them up for speed up defacts works repairs.

lim (project manager) 0122316432
andrew (supervisor) 0123811256


January 26, 2005 at 10:51 PM  
Anonymous tfat1 said...

Do you all notice that there are 4 units in Palm Spring, having the unit design D2, on the 4th floor for block D & E who does not have a coverage / roof for their balcony?

This means that from the balcony, they are looking upwards till the highest unit of the block, facing the windows of the masterbedroom & living hall of these units!

Don't you think this is dangerous? Visualise, something accidently falls from the top and coincidently there's someone at the balcony of the said 4 units then and it hits that person, what happens then? Who's responsible?

Doesn't it mean that the developer did not comply with the safety act?

I've got photos and video files to support this case. Anyone interested can email me at

Would appreciate if someone could advise me as to how do I go about in dealing with this matter!

By the way, while checking through this blog, I noticed there's always posting from a person identified only as anonymous that tends to slam whatever you guys have been saying. Looks obvious to me that he/she is from Muafakat Kekal!

February 17, 2005 at 7:16 PM  
Blogger fats said...

Hi all,

I'm saddened to hear everyone's unheard grouses and complaints but at least we know that we are not alone.

I do have complaints which I am currently working on a solution of taking the appropriate action against the developer as well as the related parties involved when i signed my Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA).

Can anyone believe that my unit does not have coverage over the balcony at 4th floor, same as the other 3 purchasers of the same unit type. Therefore, the balcony is exposed to any fallen/thrown objects from 5th floor to the 22nd floor.

So far, I've encountered many fallen/thrown objects from above my units i.e. cigarette butts, wires, renovation debris, cornices, wood, animal waste, shampoo bottle, rubbish and empty DVD player box.


Should there be someone at the balcony area; the person is highly exposed to severe injury due to fallen/thrown objects even though the object is insignificant in size. My other concern is should there be any fallen object hitting the sliding glass door and breaks it, the shattered glass could injure anyone within proximity.

If any owner or potential buyer who wishes to know more i can be contacted at I have plenty of pics and movie clips to share to the genuine individual personally.


February 17, 2005 at 7:35 PM  
Anonymous Baesho said...

Here's a great website that I've managed to come across while searching for the right bodies to contact in getting help as a home/property buyer.

National House Buyer Association

This website will be able to answer most of your questions on your rights as a buyer.

I believe it is important to have a 'Residents Association' (RA), where every buyer joins effort to make sure their rights as an owner is protected and not tramp upon!

Of course, the early stages of having volunteers to start the ball rolling will be a bit difficult. However, I believe we can do it as long as we put our minds to it!

I'll find out all that I could as to how to start a RA. Any volunteers are welcome!

It's time for us to stand up for our rights!

February 18, 2005 at 2:21 AM  
Anonymous Baesho said...

At the same time, if you have any problems as to your consumer rights, another NGO body that you can liase with is our national consumer association. Here's the contact details:
Org : Pusat Khidmat Aduan Pengguna Nasional
Contact Person : En Ismail B Abdul Aziz
Add : No.1C-1, Bgn SKPPK, Jln SS9A/17, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Tel : 603-7874-8096
Fax : 603-78748097

February 18, 2005 at 2:26 AM  
Anonymous fruity said...

The only thing i can say is - KEEP CALLING. i can fully understand what u're going through. Since the day i got my keys 3 months ago, i've lost 3kgs just by running around and getting all stressed up with my unit and not having anybody to work on it. Damn the developer! I cannot imagine having a house that work u out because of problems caused by the developer. Having obtain a house is suppose to be a happy event but it has now become such a regret. Anyway, all i can say is "keep pressing". my advice to save yourself going nuts is , major rectification , get them to do, minor ones like wall dirty or door dirty, just get some outsource to do it for you. Save your own time and frustration.

totally agree with you. the day i got my unit, there was a audible water gushing sound in my main toilet. i lodge a complaint, once , twice, 3x, no one work on it. They gave me stupid answers that doesn't correspond to the problem. They say, "someone upstairs using toilet", i ask them to go upstairs with me one was living there AT ALL!! everyone at the point in time has just got their keys, how on earth someone is already living??!! they just stuff me with stupid answers. End of the day, i can only call it a God Bless cause one day i bump into a Indon worker there and took him to my unit to tell him my problem. Few days later, i met him and true enough, the main drainage pipe behind my toilet was has broken and there was leakage and all this since the day i collected my key and do my first inspection. He has then hack the toilet tiles and have it rectify for me. Imagine those project managers who DON'T EVEN HAVE A CLUE AT ALL!!! What kind of experienced project managers the developer is employing, i have no idea!! anyway, for the info of all, i got to know since last week, 26/3/05, ALL 4 PROJECT MANAGERS FOR PALM SPRING HAVE RESIGNED!! AND YEP, THAT INCLUDES ANDREW!!

tfat1 -
hey, sorry to hear that about your unit. Hope u can find a solution to that and share here with the rest.

baesho -
great idea on the RDA. Damansara Perdana had a strong resident committee group and hence the place is at least nicely maintained and residents are protected from whatever drastic measure the developer might want to employ.

March 1, 2005 at 10:35 PM  
Anonymous sasa said...

Buyers of Block D, Palm Spring, for those of u who receive your parcel overdue from your SPA date, anyone of you proceeded to file the claim on them on the "claim on common facilities" clause? Did you realise that they only compensate their late delivery on the parcel but not on the common facilities clause?

Anyone to share any information on this?

March 2, 2005 at 1:29 AM  

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