Thursday, January 13, 2005

Muafakat Kekal Sdn Bhd Exposed! Who are they?

Muafakat Kekal Sdn Bhd, the developer of the infamous Palm Spring Damansara Condominium in Kota Damansara, is an enigma. I have tried to search and investigate this company to determine its genuinity in the property developement market and each time, the information is limited.

The Registrar of Company spilled the companies Directors' name just as indicated by the Company's staffs. But are the people behind the Company as it is on the paper? I think not. I seriously believe that there are more powerful people behind the Company, one that can shake any form of establishment. How can the weak build such sub-quality product and yet able to obtain certification of fitness for it? How can the weak blantantly disregard the very aspect of the professional ethics laid down by the representative of people? How can the weak overlook the welfare of the people without suffering any form consequences or repurcussion? How can the weak thrive in the market of laissez faire? Only the strong! And yes indeed there are people that we can call the "King Makers" maneouvouring the chess piece for higher gain and there are the Pawns that would share their names in the name of greed. But who are this "King Makers"? I will go on a personal crusade to track down this people. The market need to know who are they and then make them take responsibility of their actions.

I visited their office, Wisma Fumah in Kepong and was shocked to discover this "Developer" is infact developing many other projects around Klang Valley!! And under many other different Company. They are spreading their sub-standard product! They are pro-creating rubbish. I pity all the purchasers of their products. How many more are to be cheated like me. I urge all that are affected by this Company to congregate at their head-quarters in Kepong and check out the genuinity and capability of this "Developer". Many will be hurt in one year time, two years? When the product is delivered! Expect the product to be scaled down from its launching brouhaha.

Some of the list of Development that I found at their Head-Quarters in Kepong :

  1. Seksyen 7 Komersial under PCM Bina Sdn Bhd in Shah Alam;
  2. Li Garden in Kepong under Gallant Acres Sdn Bhd;

When one build homes, it is the nest egg of many. Some may have save a lifetime to purchase their dream home only to have their dream shattered by the few irresponsible greedy people. And why should they get away with it? That is a good question where all housebuyers, especially the house owners of Palm Spring Damansara, must answer! Why should Muafakat Kekal get away with supplying shoddy product to the market.

If the law does not punish such Developers then the Market must! Such irresponsible Developer should be put out of business to save housebuyers from being ever cheated again and also to teach any current or future Developer to act responsibly. Our Homes are not your game of chess board. We live in the property you build and it is our home.

I am sad that to date, no new actions have been filed by any house buyers against this Developer. I wish to remind all Palm Spring house owners, your rights are being trampled on. You all have been hoodwinked. Every little actions taken by you will make the journey to enlightenment much nearer. It will definitely make my crusade to ensure that "Developers" such as the one that hoodwink me into buying their homes do not get away without being punish.

What's next? More investigation......? Any information from the readership will help.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Muafakat Kekal Sdn Bhd the Unscrupulous Developer of Palm Spring Damansara Condominium lost its first Housing Tribunal case!

Monday, 27 December 2004.
A brave lady, Ms Chin I congratulate you. Noticing from the gallery, this wronged lady took the action few small people dare. She rose up against the might of the Developer's $$ by filing her claim against them at the Housing Tribunal.
Will this open up the floodgate of claims against the "Developer" by all similarly wronged customer? I hope so! I really hope so.
Ms Chin, a prospective purchaser paid a deposit of RM3,000 to the "Developer" for a unit in the Palm Spring Damansara Project in Kota Damansara. She later decided against buying the unit for her own personal reasons and as such, did not sign the SPA. She contacted the "Developer" for a refund and was informed to write in. She wrote in and was replied with a simple NO REFUND. Days turn to weeks and weeks to months.... months into years. Through various means she attempted to obtain her refund but failed. Her last resort was to have a recourse at the Housing Tribunal.
Her case - booking fees or any monies whatever it may be called, is specifically not allowed to be collected by the "Developer" until and after the SPA is signed. So the collection of her deposit is illegal and therefore should and must be refunded to her.
"Developer" case - the booking fees form part of the 10% deposit paid and the application form signed is part of the SPA. Further, the "Developer" is exempted from the HDA as they are a quasi government body.
Tribunal's finding - Deposit taking is illegal as the application form cannot form part of the SPA as it is an incomplete document, further it is not provided in the Housing Developer Act. Any monies collected must be refunded to the purchaser. Muafakat Kekal is not the developer but merely a turnkey builder and an agent of sales to the Developer and landowner which is PKNS. Further, being exempted from applying for a Housing Developer's licence does not exempt the "Developer" from the rules and regulation provided under the Housing Developers Act.
I ask forth, all wrong house buyers of the Palm Spring Damansara Condominium that have their deposit forfeited to come forth. Come forth to the Housing Tribunal and stake your claim for a refund. Let no unscrupulous developer roam free amongst us, lest the house buyers suffer.
Filing a claim at the Housing tribunal is easy, cheap (RM10 only) and the no lawyers allowed! Hah! So the Developer's cannot use its $$ might to crunch the small people.
Muafakat Kekal is indeed a money grabber that bore an evil intent to hurt its customer. Delivering shoddy product very late and then, hit the customer with a sucker punch. HOW? By forming a pathetic Interior Decorator cum renovator, Spring Decor Sdn Bhd, to further cheat its already cheated Customer.
Spring Decor Sdn Bhd is run by two young school kid that is barely out of its napkin. The two untoilet trained kid are related to the "Developer". Using hard hand tactic to arm twist the house owners to use their services, so that the "Developer" does not have to patch up the defect in the property. And then depriving the house owners of the choice to choose their own renovator to build their own home! I for one, would never let this "Developer" cheat me twice, I will never use their "in-house" renovator. I urge no other house owners use their service too!
With such mess, such distress, such problems, such lousy quality property, I am stuck with a unit that cannot be sold..... strange as the property is in Kota Damansara! Housing Tribunal, anyone?

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Palm Spring Damansara... Does this Developer care at all about their purchaser?

Kota Damansara, Selangor.... Petaling Jaya, this township will expand by another 2,180 units of condominium coming end of the year2004, with the "handing over ceremony" of the Palm Spring Damansara Condominium project.
Congestion problem! Pollution! Yes, but that is another story. The problem I am bringing up am about unscrupulous developer that delivers slip shoddy, underpar abode to the purchasers.
Palm Spring Damansara Condominium Project located in Sek 13, Kota Damansara, PJ is the epitome of how low a developer can reach in search of profit at the expense of the purchaser. The Developer, Muafakat Kekal Sdn Bhd and it parent Company.... which is the Main Contractor, Gallant Acres Sdn Bhd, does not listen to its customers. They also think that the customer are stupid people with deep pockets which they can dig.
Here are my observation of the Palm Spring so call resort homes :
  1. The units are leaking heavily due to poor waterproofing. Leaks spring from the ceiling from cracks that is simply due to poor workmanship and quality of material used. The Waterproofing material is supplied by the relatives of the developer?!!?
  2. Hairline cracks are everywhere!! The main door, windows and ceiling are ringed with cracks, which the Developer have claimed is safe. Safe?! But I will be staying in the unit not the Developer!!
  3. The tiles of that is supplied and laid is not as per the specification in their brochure. Further the slipshoddy workmanship is pathetic! You have different shade of tiles trailing along the common corridor and in my unit! I can only describe it as an irregular chessboard.
  4. Plumbing. I visaited my unit.... and guess what? The unit is flooded as the common bathroom's plumbing outlet is missing.
  5. To be continue......
My research into the developer shows that the Ready-Mixed Concrete Company that supply concrete to the project is 100% proxy owned by the Developer!!! And to increase the intermediary profit margin of the RMC, I believe quality of the concrete may be comprised.
I am so sad and upset at the developer. I hope that all buyers that the extra precaution to check out the background of the developer and their track record. I did not and am paying the price for it.
Palm Spring proclaimed that it is a resort home! Yeah indeed, a resort from hell!